Frequently Asked Questions

Do you sell party passes?

We do not offer party passes.

Can I arrange accommodation and food for myself and only participate in the workshop? 

This could be allowed under special circumstances and at the discretion of our host and organizers.

Can I cook for myself?

All food is provided by the camp.

Can I bring a tent?

Tents are not allowed on site.

Do you offer volunteering?

The host for the camp has an incredible staff, so we do not need volunteers. However, if you are a videographer let us know. 

What will the schedule look like?

A minimum of 3 hours of classes daily. You will receive a schedule a few weeks before camp.

Will there be free time for visiting?

There is free time in the afternoon, so if you have a car feel free to visit, and will try to make one trip to the nearest village. 

Will there be classes on arrival/departure day?

We have an opening session/welcome on the first day that may include movement and games, but there are no classes the last day, Saturday morning.

Can I come to just one party?

We are only selling full passes for this event.

What do I need to bring with me if I stay in mass accommodation?

You would need to bring a sleeping bag, a camping mat or extra padding if you need it, a towel. 

What do I need to bring?

Comfortable clothes for dance classes and dance shoes if you do not wish to dance barefoot.

Party clothes if you wish to dress up during the parties.

A swimsuit, sunblock, a hat, sunglasses, mosquitos repellent if you are sensitive or allergic to their bites.

Comfortable shoes, a flashlight.

Anything you think you may need and want to bring that could be a book, games, hammock.