L’État de danse

A week-long movement retreat in a nature to get in touch with yourself, others, and your movement practice.


“L’État de Danse” is a week of dance and movement retreat designed to allow me to reconnect with dancers and see how life has shaped your dance and, for you, to reconnect and train with other dancers in a beautiful and refreshing location.

This limited attendance retreat in the south of Spain, August 1st– 6th or 7th will focus on:

  • Functionality and perspective
  • Body training experience and a creative process.
  • Build the skills and knowledge needed to play with the whole body. 
  • Find the state of dance within steps, patterns, and style.
  • Task used to gather the dance into a social and performing aspect. 
  • Using repetition of sequences from simple to more complex to clarify what dance is or means to each participant. 
  • Techniques to recycle energy and use the body as a primary tool to express, show, soothe, play, and heal. 
  • Create rituals for your practice


The first week of August 2022 : From Monday 1st to Saturday August 7th.


In a hidden paradise in Southern Spain.

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